Bowls South Africa Notice of Level 1 COVID-19 Restrictions

21 September 2020

To:       EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                          

            PROVINCIAL SECRETARIES                



 CIRCULAR   38 /2020.


 We advise that following the move to place South Africa under Level 1 Restrictions the protocols to be applied at bowling clubs have been revised as follows. These protocols should be read in combination with the protocols as detailed in annexure A of the protocols as published on our website.

  • Indoor gatherings are subject to those which apply to the sale of on – premise consumption of alcohol and the sale of food and beverage in the restaurant industry.
  • Clubs may now play Fours and 48 people are permitted on the green.
  • The wearing of masks in public places remain obligatory and this restriction should be observed at the bowling club. Players may however, remove their masks during play whilst participating on the greens.
  • The booking protocols may be terminated and the practice of tabs may commence. The club should however, ensure that only one person handles the tabs after they have been suitably sanitized.
  • The register of attendance which includes the temperature record of individuals must be maintained. Members should continue to be screened.
  • Spectators at sporting events are not permitted in terms of The Disaster Management Act 2002: Amendment of Regulations issued in Terms of Section 27 (2) clause 69.14 (d).

The process of social distancing and hand sanitizing must be strictly applied.




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